Feb 10 2009

A Reply to Kevin…

Last night a reader of the Tale left this message behind:

Hi Tera,

I’ve visited your site a number of times over the last year or so(after becoming interested in the succubus legend(?) and doing a search)…it’s a good site and i like the setup. I find myself intrigued by you (and any female interested in the succubus mindset, especially a hot one like yourself judging by your picture…you’d do a succubus entity proudly i believe (want a soul? …only a piece at a time mind you, not all at once ;-))…

anyway, just a little bit about me…i had what i call a paranormal experience a few years ago (it was diagnosed as schizophrenia) and to make it short, have been intimate with a few spirits on occasion (no succubi per say, but a few on the angelic side as well as a few on the non angelic side, but all ’spirits’ if you will)…my ‘experience’ lasted about 8-10 months and included what i term as ‘creation’, angels/god, fallen angles/demons/satan, the battle between the angles of god and the fallen angles and/or demons(they used a ‘point’ system when i was involved during that brief time, instead of an all-out war, *shrug*), etc(or the spirit world if you will…a lot of it also had to do will parallel worlds too)…but have yet to find a true succubus spirit(sorry, but the mindset exists, for example i met an east Indian girl and her spirit said “You’re mine!”, and she was ‘hot’ too(and i mean ‘hot ‘in both ways…i envisioned a door opening with a red fire-like light coming out of it with her and she had a black fog-like cloud surrounding her spirit…fun) My experience was that each of us has a ’spirit’ that was our previous existence to this life that we can’t access the memories to, and from my communication with the other spirits(angelic) apparently i was one of them(angelic spirit) and i have been around for a very long time(very old spirit/soul)

Are you interested in corrupting a possible angel? Hmmm? ;-) Though you’re probably too late as i’m a bit corrupted already (though still on the side of God and will probably always be(i’ve had someone actually threaten to kill me if i leave them(angels of God), which was unnecessary, but interesting, i may smack him around a bit when i get back to the spirit realm), but i do not necessarily follow all the rules all the time…guess i’ll have to do a little penance later ;-) anyways, i ramble, and just really wanted to say ‘hi’ and give you a bit of my experience with the spirit realm which i though might be of interest to someone interested in succubi…anyway, say ‘hi’ back if you like, but will warn you, my life is a bit of a mess and i may not respond very quickly if you do decide to contact me.

later, and love the site,

Kev :)

I sent this also to your Email Kevin, but it bounced back, and I have no idea why that happened…

I actually had to ponder some of your comment for a bit as it brought up something that has always been an issue when I talk to people about what I am.

I’m not a Succubus. I’m a Succubi.

I suppose that the best way to explain it would be that I am the Queen of the Succubi, but I represent, in the old D&D terms, lawful good…

It’s a contradiction I admit, but then nothing in the worlds is exactly what we think it is now is it?

I have been told by some people that my halo isn’t on the outside for a reason…

If you can see past what your eyes tell you to what your heart and soul do…

You get more than you can imagine.

I don’t think that a “normal” Succubus entity could find a home in me for the simple reason that I won’t play by their games. I have my own rules and they are rather simple in truth.. Something that for some spirits I think is hard to understand or follow…

Heaven and Hell don’t know what to do with me.

I rather like it that way.



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