Feb 03 2009

Terrible Tuesday…

Vague ponderings for today as once again life has sideswiped me for the day…

My morning giggle…


And something that made me pause and ponder a lot…

SciFi channel…

Is rumoured to be working on another movie about demons and demonesses…

I’m worried.


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    I’m worried about the sideswiping, and hope we can discuss that later. Doing all that I usually do in the meantime.

    As for the SciFi channel: Of late, the only new things they ran that weren’t utter farce were BSG and the Doctor, and now BSG has gone all hinky. So, if they make the movie, sit and watch it with somebody who can help you laugh, think of it as camp made by the clueless, and throw popcorn at the screen liberally.

    Yes, Sinfest was a hoot today.

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