Jan 30 2009



Just a little observation about the Tale this month…

It’s entirely possible that there will be 10,000 views of the Tale by the end of the month, for the month, and in all honesty I find that an amazing statistic…

Other ones for Succubus.net include:

Front page views: 28,322 from the beginning of the site…

SuccuWiki main page views: 21,896

All page views on SuccuWiki: 211,941

Total views of The Tale: 70,282

Most views of The Tale in one day: 922 January 23rd, 2009

And about noon on Sunday the Succubi Forum will be opening…



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    Pretty good records to note, Majesty, and all thanks to your good work.

    Not sure about “Tailstones” . . . sounds kind of painful. 😕

    Enjoy your day!!

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    Great record setting and a banner month, Majesty, thanks entirely to your good work.

    I’m not sure about “Tailstones” . . . they sound as if they could be kind of painful. 😕

    Enjoy your Friday!!

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    ((This is my third try, as, somehow, the Tale does not wish me to post))

    A banner month, Majesty, and all due to your good work.

    I’m not sure about “Tailstones” . . . they sound as if they could be painful. 😕

    Enjoy your Friday!

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    Whooo Hoooo! Yay!

    * huggles*

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