Jan 28 2009

Guitar Hero Succubus?


The big thing that has been going around for the last little while is that the Metallica version of Guitar hero that is coming out soon with have a succubus in it…

As per one report:

Also sexily objectionable are the game’s tattoos, including “a fantastical succubus with cleavage and panties.”

So let me get something clear here…

The presence of a tattoo on a video game character that you probably need a magnifying glass to see is something that you complain about?


Of course the other way to look at the issue is that it gets them a lot of extra press… A lot of it apparently quite wrong because in googling this topic, a lot of the comments are that one character is the succubus in question…

Misinformation is a wonderful thing really…

Still, I would love to see what she looks like…

I’m expecting that it’s nothing much really…


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    No, but your interest is piqued, and now so is mine (and perhaps that of other Tale readers), so this idiotic nonsense–promotion, objections, and misinformation included–has done it’s job.

    Sorry you’re tired.

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