Jan 27 2009

Forum of the Succubi Update…

I think I have all of the issues solved on the Forum of the Succubi…

And so, on February 1st, 2009, the forum will be opening on Succubus.net…

All are welcome to join if the mood strikes you…

As well, I expect to open the Succubi Gallery on Match 1st with some luck, if not sooner…

Again, there are some fiddly bits in setting up the gallery that I need to solve first with it…

Waiting for the snowstorm to hit…



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    I’ll be there. Count on it.

  2. avatar

    And Super Sunday will now and forever more be known as Succubi Sunday!!!!

  3. avatar

    WooHoo can I join?

    Super Succubi Bowl in the works? I can see it now primarily sponsored by frederic’s of hollywood and Victoria’s secret!

    AAAh Snow..sleet ok…freezing rain noooooooooo!

  4. avatar

    I’ll join the day it opens, Mistress.

    As for the Succubi Bowl, I’m interested to see what kind of ads will run during the commercial breaks. 😉


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