Jan 26 2009

Manipping Morrigan Aensland…

Morrigan Aensland.

That is a name that 99% of all of you that know Succubi should recognize. For those that do not, she is the heroine (at least in my eyes) of the Darkstalkers video game and TV series among other appearances…

With that out of the way, I have had a chance to experiment a bit on turning regular looking hair into her hair colour and adding her little bat wings on the sides of people’s heads and I think I can me a good looking manip of her…

But here is the question…

Who in real life could play her?

I’m not worried about bust size or things like that…

I mean, looking at all of the models and actresses out there…

Who has her looks?

Any thoughts on this would be helpful as I really would like to try and make this happen…



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    I’m not sure, Majesty, but I will give it thought.

    Glad to see “amused” and not “sleepy” today . . . hope it’s so.

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    If it were me I’d as an escort from London to be Morrigan. Her name is Natsumi and she’s got such a stunning face:- ht tp://www.honeypi. com/escorts/caprice/

    there’s a very good cosplayer called vampbeauty on DeviantArt who did a very top-class cosplay as Morrigan who again, has the right sort of look and shape for her.

    Funny trivia:- Ryoko of Tenchi Muyo! and Morrigan Aenslaed both have the exact same measurements…

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    That person you linked to would make for an interesting Morrigan and I will see what I can do with that one image of her…

    I think I can work something out, but we’ll see!


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