Jan 20 2009

Interesting idea for a story…

I came across this in a google search this morning…

Two demons sharing one body; a state of affairs that has led to a rather interesting development; the Incubus has fallen for the Succubus… and the Succubus is fleeing from the Incubus!

The bad part is that following that link gets you to a worthless site with no further information on if that is a story or whatever it is about…

Does make for some interesting story ideas though as it sort of reflects my personal idea of Succubi and Incubi where there is a main being and then a second one called a Tail-Self…

Have to really ponder this sometime…


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    I sent a comment about this yesterday . . . who knows where it went.

    It seems to me that this could be an interesting story premise: a succubi becomes infatuated with someone whom her tail cannot abide, or vice versa (the vice versa could be especially fun).

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