Jan 16 2009

What the heck…

Who came up with this idea?

Ugly beyond words

You’ll love the description too…

Sexy Demon Vampire Fairy Costume

This fabulous demon fairy costume includes a beautiful detailed red and black dress, sheer sleevelets, wings, and headband.

There’s a combination for you… Three totally different beings mashed into one creation…

Obviously no horns or tail on this one, so then the wings should be the demon I guess… The vampire I don’t see in this as there are no fangs in the description and as for the fairy, where is that?

Sometimes I wonder…

Feeling betterish…


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  1. avatar

    Cheering for any signs of improvement in your health, and authorizing the next airlift of soups, special hankies, chocolate, Diet Coke, DVDs, pitchforks (to hurl at the DVDs), board games, and whatever your majestic heart desires.

    As for the . . . um . . . body covering: if you don’t want to feel sick, you really shouldn’t be looking at this stuffs! 😉

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