Something profound really…

There is a online comic called Sinfest, and over the last week it has been focusing on one of the Devil Girls.

She really does in many ways remind me of… Well… Me..

Especially this strip:

I think that this one, and her reactions in it just makes my view of what a Succubi is more real…

Yes she’s a little mean in the story, but previous to this, she was  playful and fun. And more importantly…

She made a choice when you think about it.

She chose not to be what she was seen to be…

There is good in everyone, we just have to have the moment to remember that we are and then do so.

Which isn’t easy.

But we can try…

Still sick


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    • James on January 13, 2009 at 6:18 pm

    I’ve been noticing the comic, and have been wondering if you were consulting for him.

    **More huggles.** Still sending you best wishes to get well soon.

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