Jan 07 2009

I’m going to roll my eyes now…

I did a google blog search this morning and in doing so, I came up with this interesting request in a blog elsewhere on the web:

Anyone know how to become a succubus, just for, maybe, a day or two? Then come back all clean and tidy?


Now of course this person didn’t get what a succubus was, as after a few comments on their blog, they decided what they meant was a vixen…


After all, they are of course, exactly the same thing aren’t they? Actually they aren’t but we won’t go there at the moment will we?

Getting back on track again then, I wonder what she was thinking about anyway? To become a succubus, or to just look like one or act like one?

Honey, if you haven’t got it within you to be all that being a succubus succubi is, you really shouldn’t try…

But if you can find it within yourself to be seductive and find the spark of a succubi within you…

It can bring you happiness…

It did for me.


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