Dec 31 2008

Last Tale 2008

It’s the last Tale of the year for 2008 and for a moment I wanted to look at what has been…

The Tale I managed to make one post a day for the entire year, which I am rather pleased about. I also managed to make at least one post per day on the SuccuWiki as well.

The Forum and Gallery are mostly ready, but I am not sure if tomorrow I will open the Forum to everyone. It might be instead on the weekend after I add some things that are missing…

This past year I met some new friends. My heart for one I want to especially thank for appearing in my world. He has given me so much joy this past year and I hope that in return I did as much for him…

To all of the people that are my online family, every one of you that I love so very dearly and always will…

I hope that the coming year is better for you all and that your futures are bright and happy ones…


Love you all always and forever…



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    Your heart, Dear One, has found incalculable joy in getting to know you. You have been a great blessing. If I have been even a tiny fraction as much of a gift for you, it has been a good year for me. I look forward to 2009 and many years thereafter.

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    We love you too Milady, even your Eternal.

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