Right by TeraS

I had an hour today to write… So this is what comes out when I have an hour to write… It’s not a lot, but it is a thought… Or is that right?

By TeraS

It was a warm spring day in the city. On a small side street in one of the older parts of town, a sidewalk café had opened its doors for the morning rush of caffeine addicts to push their way inside. The tables were two deep on the patio, awaiting people to place themselves there and watch the world go by…

It was a quarter past nine when she appeared on the corner that the café called home.

It was obvious that she wasn’t one of the normal business crowd as they were all in their offices dealing with their day. Dressed as she was in a red fuzzy sweater and blue jeans, her attitude was one of not being in any particular rush to get anywhere.

Tera flicked a few errant stands of raven hair over her right shoulder, and then the sound of her heeled boots on the concrete sidewalk harkened her arrival at the café and inside to await her turn to be served.

Moments later she had settled in at one of the far corner tables on the patio, a cup of cocoa marking its place on the table alongside a copy of a magazine she had pulled from the rack inside. She began to scan the magazine with her green eyes, taking the occasional sip from her cup as the mood struck her to do so.

She was enjoying the warmth of the sun on her when a shadow passed across the table and blocked the sun’s rays.

Without looking up, she turned the page she had finished and said, “I have nothing to say to you.”

In response the words came across the table, “You will obey me.”

The barest hint of a smile tugged at the edge of her red lips, as she replied, “Not likely, you’ve tried before and it didn’t work. You made all kinds of things happen in order to try to break my kind and me…”

Her hand reached for the cup as she added, “Enjoy your trip back. Don’t come visiting again…”

Her hand didn’t quite make it to the cup before a large meaty hand closed over her wrist and held it fast. The voice warned her, “I can do worse. Give in to me and I’ll be merciful.”

Tera looked up for the first time at the person that was invading her space. He was tall. Muscular. A goatie on his chin and the scowl on his face made it quite clear who he was.

The Devil.

She looked at his grip on her wrist and said, “I’ll give you a moment to consider what you are doing right now before I show you a definition of blue balls that you haven’t seen before…”

For an instant the two of them traded looks. His was barely checked anger. Hers was simple certainty. She’d beaten him before. He knew it. She’s do it again in a heartbeat if need be.

As his grip loosened, she continued to reach for her cup and said, “Thank you.” She took a sip and then said, “Now. Unless you want to talk business, I have some cocoa and a magazine to finish before I go and visit someone that needs some inspiration in their lives…”

He straightened up to tower over her and said, “You know what you are. You will one day do what I tell you to you know.”

Tera shrugged, “Unlikely. You never had me. You’ll never have me.” The smile appeared again, “You’re not my type.”

For a moment it looked as if he was considering lashing out at her, but then another voice broke into the conversation, “Good. Isn’t she?”

She turned to regard the new arrival. It was a beautiful woman dressed in a white summer dress, her blonde hair spilling around her shoulders.

The Goddess.

She added, “Can’t you be a little better my dear sweet thing?”

The raven haired woman at the table rolled her eyes and said, “No… You know that what you see is what you get. Not gonna do what he wants and I’m not gonna do what you want.”

Tera closed the magazine with her free hand knowing full well that, with these two here,she wasn’t going to get any peace. Then with some graciousness in her voice she said, “Please. Have a seat the two of you. If the both of you are here then it means that something I am going to do is going to drive both of you nuts. So… It’s your choice. Tell me or don’t.”

It took a few moments for the two standing above her to make up their minds and take a seat each. While that was happening, she stood up and walked back into the café. A few moments later she returned with a cup of tea, which she placed in front of the Goddess, and an expresso that was soon in front of the devil.

Returning to her own spot, she picked up her cup of cocoa and said, “If I remember right, the last time you both appeared Goddess, you went first… So… ”

The Devil smirked a bit and then said, “It’s simple. Don’t visit them. Leave them alone and it will be all fine.”

Tera arched an eyebrow at those words before looking at the Goddess.

She replied, “He’s right in his own way. Don’t go. It will be fine.”

Tera twined her fingers together and then looked at them in her lap as she replied, “So let’s see… Neither of you wants me to visit them. But then of course the other side of this is that you actually both want me to. So you put me in a Catch-22 to see what I decide to do. Hoping that what it is you really want… Is.”

She looked at them both and asked, “Whatever happened to free will? It’s not either of your choices what happens. Something either does or doesn’t and that’s the end of the discussion in spite of what theology says…”

Tera was about to go on a rant when she heard a timid little voice behind her say, “Um… Tera? Sorry but I wasn’t sure if you were coming to see me today and… Well… I thought that mebby I’d surprise you…”

With a rather pleased look to the Goddess and the Devil, Tera said, “You did Love. Just give me one second please?”

Then Tera said to them both, “I didn’t make the first move. You came to the wrong person to ask… Enjoy yourselves… I know that we will…”

She stood up then, gave them a wave of goodbye and then left arm in arm with the one that had called her…

Because it was the right thing to do.

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    • James on December 30, 2008 at 5:04 pm

    Lovely little flash, Majesty. Of course, most good theology would say that free will and relationships are the important things. Your Goddess may have a bit of a stick up her butt.

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