For some reason that I don’t quite understand as yet, there would seem to be an 80s revival of old bad demon/demoness/succubus movies going on here.

This of course brings me to one of my major rants.

Why is it that the people that make these movies insist that the evil character have these huge frizzy hairdos?

The 80s.

Just hellish and not in a good way.


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    • James on December 29, 2008 at 1:54 pm

    Because the huge, frizzy hairdos look bad, and mediocre to poor writers/directors/producers think that the “evil” characters should always look bad, Majesty. This leads me into my own rant against the long time literary/societal prejudice that says all things “demonic” are evil or, even worse, that all things different (such as lovely women with horns and tails) are demonic. But I digress . . . 😉

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