Dec 23 2008

Pool anyone?

Sometimes I wonder about the things that are Succubus related…

This one in a couple of ways…

It is a Succubus-themed pool cue.

Pool Cue



I’ll have the image here on the Tale tonight, for some reason WordPress doesn’t like to alter the image size to something reasonable to display here… (Updated! It’s up!)


So, a pool cue. I have one question…

Why such a lousy image for it?

Couldn’t they have found something sexier or at the least used different colours to make it stand out better?

Just a thought…



  1. avatar

    This is why all Succubi related merchandise should have the Queen’s seal of approval. The little halo and horns mean quality. 😉

    *quality huggles*

  2. avatar

    BF has a good notion there. But, that not being the case, we simply need to remember the difference between succubus and succubi, and the much bigger difference between either of those and money-grubbing, low-class, tasteless purveyors of crappy merchandise (or “mogrubloclatapucrams”).

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