Dec 09 2008

Succubi At Work…

The worst thing about writing stories is on occasion you have your mind into writing one thing and then you come across something that makes you go… Hang on… That’s a really good idea!

Yesterday I put a really interesting idea into the SuccuWiki about a perfume that when it is used enough and certain things happen, a woman will be transformed into a Succubus and if a man used the cologne, he would be transformed into an Incubus…
That of course has been sticking in my mind since then…

At the same time, I posted in my Tale entry about the perfume called Ange Ou Demon…

And the wheels have been spinning in my mind since then…

Hoping to have a first rough draft tonight for my dear heart to look at…

And then we’ll see when it pops up here and elsewhere!



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    I hope the Muse has you very inspired milady. I am eager to read your final production.

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    I’m sure it will be fascinating. Hope you’re busy day is enjoyable.

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