The beginnings of my next Succubi story?

Sometimes you read something and the words just tease at you to make something of them…

On the Garden today, euanthe posted a little dialog about an image in the Tera images thread there…

From e:

‘”Pretty soon, I’m going to be able to take souls so much stronger than yours with just a glance. I already know how, but for now, I need to find out what I can really do, to learn confidence… wuh… will you be my study-buddy?”

“Because if I have to practice, I want to do it on you.”‘

And this has just put a delicious story into my mind today…

Hopefully I’ll have it written in the next few days…

I’m going to use the title Study Buddies…



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    • James on November 24, 2008 at 3:31 pm

    So glad you’re feeling inspired, Majesty. I look forward to reading the new story.

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