Nov 22 2008

One Year of the Tale…

Today, November 22nd, 2008, is the one year anniversary of A Succubi’s Tale…

It’s been a good first year for this idea and all that has come from it so far. Lots of images have been shared of Succubi. Some books and films noted and commented on… A lot of random thoughts about all sorts of different things about Succubi…

And of course the occasional story about my idea of what a Succubi is.

So to mark this anniversary…

A short story about someone on the edge of becoming a Succubi in my Realm…

Thank you all for visiting and encouraging me to continue all of what I have planned for Succubus.net!



One year past….

By TeraS

Morning dawned in the Realm over the Lake of Fire.

Like it always did. That was something that those who lived there could depend upon…

…but today’s dawn was different in it’s own way.

Today one person would make the choice to become a Succubi… or not.

It was the possibility of not that was troubling that one person this morning.

Her name was Amanda…

…and she couldn’t make up her mind.

It wasn’t that she didn’t love Tera and her extended family. It wasn’t that she didn’t see all of the good things that were being offered to her. It was just that she had the nagging concern in her mind that there was a bad side to all of this and she didn’t have a clue to what that was.

She was sitting in one of the smaller parks that surrounded Tera’s palace. just looking at the Realm’s sun as it rose over the waters of the lake, the golden rays tickling the still waters. Just thinking about how she came here. What she was offered if she would stay. What she would have to leave behind if she did so…

…so many questions…

She was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she didn’t hear the footsteps behind her or realize that someone was standing there until she found herself looking at a red-and-gold travel mug being offered to her by a long red tail. She started a bit as she heard Tera say, “Still can’t decide, hmm?”

The embarrassment made her cheeks flush . . .

With a mumble of thanks, she took the coffee and rolled it between her hands. That occupied Amanda long enough to gather her thoughts and reply, “I’m not sure that this is what I want. Not sure of that at all.”

Tera in the meantime, had walked around and taken a spot beside Amanda on the bench, a bottle of water held loosely in her right hand. Amanda registered the fact that Tera was wearing black running shorts and a loose fitting black T-shirt with white running shoes and she asked, “Don’t you have people to exercise for you or something?”

Tera snorted a bit: “You know me better than that. Don’t like the pomp and ceremony. I like having moments for me… And the people that I worry about…”

Amanda couldn’t argue that point. Tera, her Eternal Keith, and her daughter, Rianna, were there for her if she wanted help. If she needed an answer…

…and they didn’t ask for anything in return.

Unbidden, she asked Tera, “Why me?”

Tera smiled in that way of hers: “Just ‘cause…”

Amanda shook her head: “Seriously. You never have told me exactly why you took all this trouble to bring me here.”

With a small sigh, Tera explained, “The universe works in mysterious ways you know. Sometimes it gives you a need instead of a want. Sometimes you have a path closed and another opened to you… And occasionally you do something because it is the right thing to do.”

Seeing the look of confusion on Amanda, she asked, “Did you meet someone here? Someone you’d like to be with always?”

Amanda gave Tera a shove with her left hand, “You know I have. He’s… He’s…”

Tera finished the sentence for her, “…everything you could want.”

Amanda just nodded and blushed at the thought…

Tera smiled, “You know the worst thing in this world Amanda? It’s to be alone. You have a long life, all that you can imagine, you can learn more than you ever dreamed… And it all means nothing without having someone to share it all with. Why you? Because you were alone where you were. You didn’t have something to strive for. But you did have someone watching you. You remember?”

Amanda nodded, “My guardian angel…”

Tera prodded, “Who was?”

Again the blush, “Who was Michael of course…”

Tera nodded in the direction of the homes that trailed off in the distance to their right, “He was drawn to you. Why he could never explain. But that didn’t matter to him.” She opened the bottle of water as she told her, “Did you know that he’s willing to give up what he has if you don’t stay here with him?”

Amanda looked at her in shock, “He can’t! I won’t let him! I’ll…” She trailed off again at that point before putting the coffee on the ground beneath her, and placing her head in her hands.

Tera continued, “…love him no matter what? Don’t be shocked Amanda. When two souls meet and become one, that is beautiful.”

Amanda nodded still with her head in her hands, “It’s never easy is it?”

Tera chuckled, “That’s my line. You owe me dinner for that…”

Amanda snorted as she lifted her head from her hands and looked at Tera, “Sure. Can’t refuse the Queen can I?”

Tera shook her head, “Nope. Especially after you get your Tail you know…”

Amanda bit her lip, “I’m… I’m scared about that Tera. I’m not going to be me anymore. I’m going to be me, but with another inside that will…. That could… That might…”

Tera took a sip of her water, “That’s why you are there. You are the one that decides what you want to do. You are the one that chooses right from wrong. You are the one that tells your other half that you will trap Michael in your bedroom together and… How did you put it? Ah yes, fuck like bunnies until his horns droop.”

Amanda just looked at Tera, “You couldn’t know.”

In response, Tera pointed at the top of her head, “See the horns?”

Amanda laughed, “I get the picture.”

Tera just took another sip of her water, “Exactly. Anyway, it’s not like the two of you are hiding it much. The amount of sexual energy you two put out when you are together is enough to make a couple of AngelKitties roll over with full tummies.”

Amanda was quiet for a moment and then asked, “What’s the drawback Tera? What does it cost to have what you all are offering to me?”

Tera resealed the bottle in her hands, “First you are mine, Amanda. More accurately, you are the Queen’s. My word will be law and you won’t have a choice in that. So that means that you will have the freedom to do just about anything you want save for two very important rules. You will not obey either the dark or the light. You will make up your own mind and do the right thing. The other is that you will obey the laws of the Realm as written for as long as you live. You will protect it if you have to, and you will help others if you can.”

She placed the bottle onto the bench between them, “And you will have an AngelKitty to call your own. She will be dependent on you for her life, Amanda. So you will make a promise to her for that she will be protected.”

Then she looked pointedly at Amanda, “Lastly Amanda… You understand that outside of our home, our kind is hated by many. We are mistaken for others that look like us and have done so much wrong to others. We are forever paying for our mistakes and those of others because so very few can see the difference.”

Amanda put up her left hand, “I could.”

Tera’s tail touched Amanda on the shoulder, “Why do you think you are here, Amanda?”

Amanda turned to look at Tera, “Because… because I could see… Because he loved me. Because I loved him. And because I… I trusted him…”

Tera smiled at that understanding, “Exactly. Do you understand now?”

Amanda waved her left hand at Tera, “Oh sure. It’s as clear as mud now. Thanks so much for explaining it to me.”

Tera patted her right hand on Amanda’s left thigh, “It’s only been a year you know. A year of love… A year of hope… A year of being with him… Imagine what the next year will bring you…”

She stood up, taking her bottle with her as she did, “Go talk to him. Tell him your fears… I have a feeling that you both can make up your minds better than I can…”

As Tera turned to walk away, Amanda asked, “Tera. Why do all of this? What drives you to it?”

Tera looked over her shoulder, “Why? Just ‘cause. In the end that is all that matters…”

Amanda just sat there on the bench and watched her jog off into the park before getting to her feet and walking…. home.

The smile didn’t leave her lips until it was lost in the kiss of her soon to be Eternal of her own…

Just ‘cause.


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    A love story, Majesty. Congratualations on a wonderful year. And, since you have give us so much . . .

    One day . . .
    one day after another . . .
    one day after another after another . . .
    and then there is a week,
    and then a month,
    and then a year . . .
    a year!

    One brick . . .
    one brick after another . . .
    one brick after another after another . . .
    and then there is a house,
    and then a palace,
    and then a world . . .
    a world!

    One heart . . .
    one heart after another . . .
    one heart after another after another . . .
    and then there’s a family,
    and then community,
    and then a Realm . . .
    a Realm!

    One welcome . . .
    one welcome after another . . .
    one welcome after another after another . . .
    and then there are friends,
    and then a habit,
    and then must see . . .
    must see!

    Day after day,
    never pausing;
    brick after brick,
    never skimping;
    heart after heart,
    always caring;
    welcome after welcome
    always tending:
    this is how it happens.

    From a day to an era . . .
    from a brick to a world . . .
    from a heartbeat to a symphony . . .
    from a welcome to a friendship . . .

    One word . . .
    one word after another . . .
    one word after another after another . . .
    and then there are thoughts,
    and then stories,
    and then pages,
    and then a Tale . . .
    a Tale!

    Well done, Tera!
    Thank you, Tera!
    Can’t wait for more, Tera!

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    *bouquest of huggles*

    Happy Tale-Aversary!

    Brother FreezeFrame

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    😉 Here’s hoping for another couple of these anniversaries. Wonderful story, Milady.

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