Nov 20 2008

Succubi Image of the Week 48

I’m really disappointed in the number of images of Succubi and other Demoness-like images that never have the artist’s name on them…

It’s getting to the point where I want to add a section to the SuccuWiki that shows these images and full artist information so that there is a record of it…

But that’s so hard to do because generally there is so little information available on them!

Like this image:

I’m sure I have seen this character somewhere before, but I’ll be darned if I can recall exactly where… Is she a Succubus? Well she has wings and so it’s likely…

As always, any assistance is welcome and will be added to the post!


Update! (Thank you to Keith… No… Different one… )) The artist for this one goes by the name Reiq. He has a DeviantArt account at http://reiq.deviantart.com.



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    Seems a little too bimbo-esque to me for her to be a succubi, or even succubus. Chickens have wings, too; doesn’t make them succubi.

    Glad you had an amusing day.

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    Again, another Reiq drawing. (I have this as a potential wallpaper for my laptop.)

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    Thank you for the information!



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    I don’t care if she is a little “bimbo-esque,” this one gives me fucking boner! I have it as my background on my computer, and I get nasty to it every day!

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