A Roxy Wasserman FanFic…

Remember The Middleman?

Remember Roxy?

I do…

And this morning I discovered that someone wrote a really delicious piece of Fan fiction called A Session With The Succubus. It is written by an author named Brista.

A small portion of the story when Wendy walks into Roxy’s office:

She taps on the glass door and Roxy glances out from behind a half-dressed mannequin. “Sidekick,” Roxy acknowledges as she opens the door.

“Succubus.” She pulls the envelope out of the back pocket of her pants and holds it out. “Your cash.”

Just from that one exchange you can just feel the mood that was on the show that we all loved to see…

I think that this particular bit of fiction opens a little door into why Roxy is a reformed Succubus now and gives a little tease at the relationship she has with MM…

I’m also hoping that the author gets back to me on the request I made to add this story to Roxy’s entry on the SuccuWiki…


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    • James on November 17, 2008 at 2:31 pm

    Read most of it. Great fun! I’ll finish later, and may even share my theory as to why you enjoyed it so.

    Rest please, Majesty.

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