Nov 12 2008

This is Regal?

This is supposed to be a “regal” looking costume…

The description of it is:

Devil’s Temptress Adult
Even Satan would be putty in your hands when you wear this Devil’s Temptress Costume. The costume includes a full length gown with lace details and stand-up collar, lace petticoat, jeweled tear droop lace choker and deluxe vinyl devil horns.

And you can find it all over the net by searching the costume’s name…

In the US it seems to be selling for about $120.00 plus whatever additional items you add to it…

So. In general…

This is regal?

Honestly I think that it’s more on the tacky side of regal if such a thing is possible…

But as a “greet the kids at the door” outfit , at least you wouldn’t get in trouble by wearing it…

Still looking…


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    Not terribly regal, Majesty. But then, anybody who thinks that making someone of any intelligence (including Satan) into putty would involve anything as shallow as clothing would believe that clothing can make somebody look truly regal. And such a person would pay $120 for . . . well . . . THIS.

    Someone who is truly regal looks every bit as regal in a sweater and jeans. Isn’t that so, my Queen??

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