Nov 05 2008

One final Succubus Election scorecard…

And so the US Election is over…

So let’s tally up the number of times the word Succubus was used by the popular press in describing the women involved in it…

Cindy McCain – 157 times

Hillary Clinton – 224 times

Michelle Obama – 102 times

Sarah Palin – 132 times

Now, generally the use of the word was made by mostly entertainment sites and blogs, but the mainline press like MSNBC and CNN did use it occasionally on their opinion blogs.

But why?

What was the point of it?

And can’t you people come up with something better that you understand?

Because soooo many times you confused Succubi with Vampires. You would think that the difference was clear enough, but I guess obviously it isn’t.


This election is over…

Congratulations to the winners and best wishes to the less fortunate in your futures…

Let’s hope that nothing but good comes of this all…


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