Nov 04 2008

Vote Succubi Party…

After all…

At least since our horns and tails are visible, you know exactly what you are getting…

What does the Succubi party stand for?

Well that should be fairly obvious.

Now that the expected political stuff is out of the way…

A quick quote from Bruce Campbell that made me smile this morning…

If this [My Name is Bruce] makes money, we’ll do My Name is Still Bruce — we have an Ugly American version of that where Bruce goes to Europe and battles a succubus. So we can do that, or something else, we don’t know yet. It all depends on whether anyone bothers to watch this movie. It’d be a little silly to dive in without getting the full feedback.

The full article is here.

Bruce Campbell in a Succubus movie…

I’d pay to see that!

Of course it would be a movie with that delicious Bruce twist to things, but he is one of my fav actors and I’d love to see what happened!



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    Unfortunately, only voters who can read the signs correctly will know what they’re getting from the Succubi Party, and we folks south of the border consistently prove there aren’t enough voters like that here.

    As for the movie, I’m right there with you; should be fun.

  2. avatar

    Sad, but true James.

    Count me in on the movie, too.

    *looks you in the eye and smiles*

    Gimme some sugar, baby. lol

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    BTW, only the first sentence of that was for James. lol

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