Succubi Games…

Last Week as a gift, James wrote a limerick to commemorate my 5K post on the Garden…

<huggles for James>



Succubi Games

By James

The Realm was too quiet one Thursday.
Could it be succubi got the blues? Say
it just isn’t so!
Well I do not know,
but I know wise Queen Tera said, “Let’s play!”

She looked at each box for each board game,
and examined each picture and cute name.
“Monopoly,” “Clue,”
“Risk” . . . these wouldn’t do;
although “Candy Land” . . . that she might un-tame!

‘Twas Twister that caught her attention
(special Succubi set—did I mention?):
with one hundred spots
there could be more plots,
and the tails also stretched the conventions.

She set up the map by the lakeshore.
They all crowded to see what was in store
Some incubi smirked,
but nosiness worked
to make sure they joined in, even brought more.

The AngelKitties would be spinning.
“We play naked,” said Queen Tera, grinning.
“Touch a dot or a tail;
not horns (past the pale).”
Then they realized they’d all soon be winning!

Green came first: they all reached out to touch
any green dot, grab a tail or some such.
Then Red, and then Blue,
then “Mmmmmm,” “Aaahhhh,” and “Oooooo,”
for a mortal, this would all be too much.

But five-thousand-plus combinations
made for dozens of wondrous sensations
with tail-strokes and rubs
and skin, nipples, nubs:
an aroused Realm of raucous gyrations.

‘Round midnight, they fell in a muddle,
moaning, laughing, their Queen in the middle,
her Eternal’s hand
just where she had planned.
She smiled broadly. Is that any riddle?


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    • James on November 3, 2008 at 1:45 pm

    Glad your feeling fine today, Majesty, though I’m not sure about your taste in poetry. 😉

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    • Legion on November 3, 2008 at 7:49 pm

    Your site is as impressive as I expected it to be Oh Queen. I hope you are well.

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