Oct 31 2008

Halloween Succubi Treats

I posted my 5,000th time on the Garden last night with this story. I had something else in mind for this milestone, but it’s not gone along far enough for me to start to post it. So instead I’m posting this Halloweenie tale….

<huggles for all>




By TeraS

The moon hovered over the low-rise apartments that made up the on-campus housing for Castle University. It was a small place really… just on the outskirts of the town of Castle, mostly isolated from the world at large, but the students that went there didn’t seem to mind that. Many said that the isolation helped them to keep their focus on the important things.

Some more than others.

And, in the basement of one of those ordinary red brick buildings…

…a lone woman drew a chalk line along the floor, intoning a chant as she did so. As she worked at drawing the pattern, she would occasionally stop to light a candle, and then continue with her work. It took some time, but then she had lots of that. The other girls of her house didn’t care whether she was watching a movie with them tonight or not. And besides…

Chandra had other plans for entertainment this evening…

Five candles burned at the points of the pentagram as Chandra read over the ceremony again in the book she’d found buried in a box of trash and other things here in the basement. She was going to throw them away at first, but now she was very glad she hadn’t. Her black-nailed fingers rubbed against the old yellow paper of the book as she double-checked all of the steps that she had to accomplish in order…

…in order to get the revenge she wanted. And summoning a succubus and binding her to Chandra’s will would give her that. The thoughts of how she would get revenge on the other girls in her house swam in her mind’s eye…

Make fun of her, would they? Stupid bitches would come to see just what they’d done soon enough. They had always made fun of her. “Your breasts are too small.” “Your hair is ugly.” “You’ll never have anything.” “Just go and kill yourself and do the world a favor.”

With a snort of disgust, Chandra snapped the book closed and laid it at the center of the pentagram, before starting to remove all of her clothing. As she did, she looked at herself for the umpteenth time…

Short, messy, black-dyed hair. Pale white skin. Short black nails. As she shimmied out of her panties and plain bra, her hands tweaked her nipples and rubbed across the small thatch around her sex.

This would all change, she thought, once she finished the summoning…

She started the last part of the chant as she stepped over the chalk and into the middle of the pentagram. Nothing happened as she did so, but that wasn’t a surprise. The book was very clear on what was needed to summon a succubus.

Now she had to attract the creature. Kneeling down, she put her knees on the cover of the closed book and then, with a smirk still on her lips, she began to slowly rub her fingers over her clit and mound, getting herself nice and wet. The spell said that she had to bring herself to the edge of cumming before she summoned the creature, or it wouldn’t work.

She thought to herself, “That isn’t going to take long. I’m so wet just thinking about all of them begging to serve me… obey me… do anything I want them to. Fuck, that’s going to be so hot… that little blonde cheerleader over my knee getting her ass paddled and begging for more… oh yeah… gonna love doing all of the nasty things I have been dreaming of…”

Chandra played with her clit as the excitement grew within her. Her voice was mixed with quiet grunts and moans of arousal as she drove herself closer and closer to the edge. Small streams of sweat began to trickle down from her matted hair and over her body, adding to the wetness between her thighs…

Finally, as she felt like she was about to go over the edge, she cried out, “I summon you, Queen of the Succubi. Heed my call and appear!”

But… but something seemed wrong…

…she couldn’t stop herself from continually slipping her hand into her pussy and rubbing at her clit furiously.

Then she felt a pair of hands on her shoulders and a woman’s voice whispering to her. It dripped with sensuality that sent a tremble though her core… “Just keep on playing with your pussy, honey… Don’t stop until I tell you to…”

There was an almost disappointed sigh before that voice purred, “You thought you were summoning a succubus, didn’t you, dear? Like in your horror movies? Oh, but I am so much more. I am a succubi . . . My name is Tera, Queen of the Succubi, in fact . . . and summoning a succubi queen, my dear, will cost you…”

The smell of cherries wrapped itself around her, and Chandra found her vision getting blurry. She gasped as the heat in her pussy grew more and more deliciously, but she still couldn’t quite get herself up that last delicious step to where she’d be cumming like a river…

Then Tera said, “What do you want, Chandra…”, and, at the same time the girl felt a finger poking at each of her temples before… before she suddenly lost control of her thoughts and they came spilling out of her, “Wanna make them all pay. Bunch of sluts making fun of me. Trying… oh ffffuck… trying to tell me that I’m wwwworthless… gonna sssshow them…. oh yeeaaahhhhh…. I’m making them all ppppayyyy…”

Then her focus returned to the heat in her cunt as she heard the Queen say, “Revenge, mmm? Is that all you want? That’s easy… You just stay right here and continue trying to get yourself off, my dear… but you won’t cum until I tell you to… right, pet?”

Chandra managed a little aching whimper as her head was pushed down by her Mistress. Her eyes were now looking at her hand pumping in and out of her so-needy pussy as she whispered happily, “Oh yes, Mistress… I’ll be a good pet; I promise!”

Then all she could hear was the wet slurping sound of her hand pumping, and the crisp sound of heels clicking on the cold concrete floor, before Mistress went upstairs to see her other pets-to-be. Pet’s pussy and mind quaked at the thought of kneeling at Mistress’ feet and obeying every one of her commands. It was so hot to be Mistress’ first pet here. That made her special. That gave her power over the other pets…

She couldn’t wait to use that power over them for Mistress…

“Fuck that is so hot…”, Pet thought happily, the idea of dominating in Mistress’ name making her nipples ache in time with her cunt…

The sounds upstairs were no concern of hers. She ignored the sounds of chairs moving on the floor above her; the sudden moans and squeals of pleasure and lust…

But she couldn’t ignore what came down the stairs a few minutes later. One by one, all of the others in her house walked down into the basement and stood, one in front of each of the candles surrounding her. She looked into their eyes and squealed in ecstasy: Every one of them had white, milky eyes, and stood like statues around her. All of them naked, their delicious pussies facing her, all she needed to do was lean forward a little, to any of them, and she could lap at them hungrily.

She could do that. Mistress would let her, wouldn’t she?

She mewled in need as she thought of eating out each and every one of them before making them bring her to orgasm over and over again…

Mistress would be so proud of her!

Then she heard Mistress coming down the stairs and shifted her eyes to gaze at her in rapture. Pet’s lips parted in need as she moaned at the privilege of seeing Mistress for the first time…

The first thing she saw were a pair of black, high-heeled boots that led to a pair of black leather pants. As Mistress came down the stairs, a bright, red, calf-length latex jacket appeared in pet’s vision. She stifled a moan as Mistress’ bare, tanned skin appeared above her belt. The smooth taut waist, and then Mistress’ perfect breasts wrapped in a slim black band of lustfully tight material. Her bemused lips, with their shiny red color appeared.

And then… oh, then her so-green eyes that looked into pet’s mind and held her thoughts, surrounded by a mane of raven-black hair, two small red horns peeking out just above her hairline and, finally… Mistress’ long, red tail moving behind her like a snake.

Mistress stopped at the bottom of the stairs, and then looked at her. Pet’s thoughts swirled around how hot she would be at Mistress’ side, rubbing her pussy her… and maybe… if she were a good pet… maybe being allowed to taste Mistress.


Pet just managed to beg, “Mistress… please… may I?”

Tera smiled, “Not quite yet, pet. You see, you are powering all of this magic, and if you stop… well… that would be unfortunate for you and your friends…”

Then she walked around the group, her tail or hand sliding over each of them, one by one, until only Pet remained to feel the warmth of her touch again.

Tera stepped between the blonde cheerleader of Pet’s fantasies and a mocha-skinned beauty who Pet had imagined having at her feet, before touching Pet’s cheek with her left hand.

Pet moaned in gratitude as the puddle of juice between her legs became larger.

Then Tera said to her, “Revenge? What is it with this house and revenge? Every year at this time one of you finds the book, reads it, and decides that revenge is the best thing.”

She walked around the group of girls then, all of them like statues around the pentagram. “Gail, first to find it. Pamela, second. Dee, third. Tonya, fourth….” She stopped beside the blonde cheerleader, “And, of course, last year it was you… wasn’t it, Beth?”

Beth just moaned in answer to the question…

Tera shook her head as she continued, “Every year this happens, and every year I have to punish you in some way, hoping that you all learn a lesson. But you never do! So, this time…this time I am going to make sure that you, Chandra… that you, my pet, will see to it that every one of them remembers this night…”

Pet moaned loudly into the room, “Yes! Anything Mistress! Please!!

Then Mistress put her left index finger on Pet’s forehead, making her entire body glow a bright green. Mistress told her, “The others wanted revenge on each other out of spite, Pet. You however, want revenge out of the need for dominance. So that is exactly what you will have.”

And then, before Pet could say a word, she came, screaming, writhing and cumming on her own wicked fingers until she finally blacked out…

Chandra woke up… eventually…

When she did, she found herself lying in the pentagram, with the other girls of the house lying on the floor around her… out cold. She gasped and clutched at her hair, trying to get control of herself, knowing that something had happened to them all. It was at that moment when she realized that her hair was longer than it should be. In panic, she got to her feet and ran up the stairs to her room needing to see what had happened to her.

She remembered it all. She was doomed to do something for that…

… something for Mistress.

She felt the heat rise again in her cunt and mewled in pleasure, again, her fingers rubbing against her clit and pinching her nipples. As she made her way upstairs and through the house, her moans echoed all around her.

And, through all of that, her mind joyfully recited, “[i]Yes! For Mistress!”[/i] It was important that she did the will of her Mistress!

She opened her door with a loud bang. It nearly rattled off the wall and then she came to an abrupt stop in front of her mirror.

There, reflected in it, was a raven-haired, younger version of Mistress…

And, in that moment, the last of the spell closed in on her mind…

Chandra was no more.

Her name was Terri.

Her room glowed green for an instant, as her assorted Goth belongings transformed into the instruments that she would be using to teach the girls. The pets, in her house how to behave…

Picking up a leather riding crop, Terri called out of her room, “Beth! Get up here!”

She smiled as she decided on the treats she would be giving out to her pets this year…

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    Wonderful story, Majesty! Hope you have a wonderful Halloween, and congratulations on the 5K.


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