Oct 28 2008

Can’t you see the difference?

This is becoming a pet peeve for me so bare with me for a little bit will you?

What is a vampire? In short an undead creature that goes around sucking the blood from people.

What is a Succubus or an Incubus? A demon-like being that seduces men and women into having sex with it. Through that they occasionally have their souls taken.

Can you see the ever so slight difference?

So if you can, why do people continue to confuse them?

Vampires are all blood and gore and death and so on.

Succubi and Incubi are about sex and seduction.

Especially my kind…

What really bugs me more than anything else is how Hollywood sees Succubi as being white skinned, fanged, poorly dressed creatures of the night…

Why is it that we can’t see, 99% of the time, a seductive, intelligent woman playing a succubus?

Is that because to the studios, “They are all the same. Tits and blood.”

Somehow I think that is the most likely explanation…



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