Oct 27 2008

Code Name Succubi

Last year, Legion posted in the RP section of the MC Garden an idea about a Spy V Spy RP… And he made a little mission blurb about a spy named Terri…. Code Name Succubi….

Sooooooooooooo…… This is the result…


Code Name Succubi

By TeraS

He was sitting in the club looking for an easy mark… He was handsome… He had money… He knew it too…

Any woman in this place was his for the taking. Not one was a challenge to him.

Not one…

His eyes were almost glazed over as the female flesh around him begged for his attentions…

Then he heard a sultry voice in his ear purr….

Are you looking for some company?

It caught his attention…. That hadn’t happened in a while….

He looked around for the woman that voice was attached to…

If the rest of her body didn’t make him instantly desire her, that voice of hers did…

But there was no sign of her… That was strange… It was as if she was sitting….

Right beside you?

He spun to his right to see her…. The need was almost overpowering within him…. Just one look was all he wanted… All he needed…

She was a vision in red… The dress was fire red… So tightly bound around her body that he considered for an instant how she was able to breathe… It was shinier than latex if that was possible. The curve of her breasts a shimmering glow, the bumps of her nipples in the material so blatant and clear that they were impossible to miss. The slit in the side of the dress revealed all of her legs right up to her hips and it was so very clear that she wore nothing underneath it….

Her hair was a mane of raven black hair with a few almost glowing red streaks within in. Her hair framed a sultry face that drew him to look at her. Her lips were a hot red and glistened as a slender pink tongue wetted them before she said, “Have I your attention now?”

All he could do was nod slightly as she reached a hand with long red well manicured nails to his cheek. She cupped his cheek in her hand and said to him, “Look into my eyes my dear….”

And he did…. And was lost a moment later within them…

They were so green… Emeralds were not close to them… They sparkled in the light of the room as she whispered to him… His thoughts became only to listen and obey her words the more and more she spoke.

Then her hand pressed a little tighter against his skin and something wet seeped into him. His eyes clouded over a moment later and then all of the commands that she spoke from then on poured into his mind and trapped him to her will…

The last clear thought he had before his mind went blank was, “So this is what they feel like…

To the amazement of the women in the club a few minutes later, he walked out of the club with her on his arm, nodding at whatever she was telling him, and it appeared to everyone that he was going to have his brains screwed out all night long…

Just past two in the morning, Terri stood against the door frame of the cheap hotel room she had paid with cash a few hours before she had met him. Her eyes roamed over him as she considered what she would do with him. There wasn’t much left of his mind after she was done with him. He lay on the bed whispering all of his secrets into a recording device she had placed beside him. She found some of it interesting. Especially the little tidbits of information about that new chemical he was using to trap women with low willpower… Terri would have a use for that in the future… Men were so much easier to twist around her little finger….

And she was so good at that…

She smiled and then finished slipping into the blue jeans and red sweater she had left in the other room to wear after the mission was over to make her escape. She pulled on the black ankle boots with a smile as she considered how much money the Agency would pay for what she now knew. Stuffing the dress from last night into a gym bag along with the shoes and other things, she closed it up and then moved back towards him.

She sat on the edge of the bed and then began to speak, “Very good my dear… That was so good wasn’t it? You loved to tell me all of your little secrets and plans… And whenever you hear me say the words Obey my little toy, you will return to this trance and obey my every command won’t you?”

He moaned out a soft yes and she nodded slightly as she took the recorder from him and turned it off. Then she said, “When I leave you will forget everything that happened here and everything that you have told me because you have no need to remember it… All you will remember is a sexy girl that you took to bed and screwed her brains out like the stud you are… You will think nothing strange happened and you will return to your normal life and continue on… But you will, in the back on your mind, want to see her again someday…”

Again he whispered a yes and then she stood up. Gathering her bag, she turned away from him and towards the door leading to the hallway outside, the door clicking shut a moment later as she left to report to the Agency what information she had gathered….

The agent known as The Succubi had struck again…


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    Lovely story, Majesty. Cute and hot and tightly written. It;s so nice to see you in a writing frame of mind. I imagine that this is intended as a special post somewhere, and I’ll be off to that place very soon because, if I’m right, something else special needs to happen.

    Huggles for a job well done!

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    Oh my, what I would give to know the address of that club …

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