Oct 24 2008

Brace for it…

Yup. Another software update to the Tale will have to happen today at some point…

These things happen more often than a Succubi changes pitchforks…



If the Tale looks weird at some point today, that’s why…

In other news, taking into account all of the clicks on Succubus.net everywhere, at some point today the 500,000th visitor will stumble through the site…

And to me that is an amazing thing…

I never expected that Succubus.net would have that many visitors by now and I just wanted to thank you all so much for visiting!

More to come soon!

Have a great Friday!



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    Either I have arrived after the software shift, Majesty, or it hasn’t happened yet. I hope it was/is smooth as glass. No wonder so many visitors have come by, as this is such a fun place. I know that lucky 500,000th visitor will get something special just by showing up.


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