Minor Heroes Rant…


For the record I don’t like Heroes the TV series, I gave up on it after the half-way point of the first year’s episodes and quite frankly I wanted to see the cheerleader die.

That said, episode 3.6, Dying of the Light I was told I should watch when it came on.

So I did.

Then I started to see reviews of the episode saying that Arthur Petrelli was a Succubus.

Excuse me?

<massive slap to the back of the head to all of those commentators>

You can’t be that stupid can you?

A Succubus is female!

See the problem?

Call him an Incubus fine. I can live with that, but darn it don’t call him a Succubus!


We now return you to you regularly scheduled silliness…


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    • James on October 23, 2008 at 2:34 pm

    Majesty, if people who write for TV are so often idiots, how bright could people who write primarily ABOUT TV possibly be??

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