Oct 19 2008

A Succubi Sonnet by a good friend…

For today’s post on the Tale, I am going to share a Succubi Sonnet that James wrote for me several months ago..

<huggles for James>




A Succubi Sonnet
By James



She is a being of mischief and mirth,

smiling impishly and suggestively,


under those horns is her true, boundless worth,

in the talent she guards so furtively;


calling hither with Tail, so sinuous,

all a game to keep us from noticing


creativity quite continuous

with the wisdom she’s veiling, dismissing,


until she admits to herself the grace

that some luckys have always seen and known.


Borne of sweaters, jeans, hot choc, smiling face

is her art, matched by her kindness alone.


Is this a demon? May the Realm forfend!

Cozy, crafty, this Succubi is friend.


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    I believe that, all these years ago, I attempted to return your huggle. I don’t know where it went or why I never noticed . . .

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    Huggles are shared my heart and never returned… For when they are given it is for always…


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