Oct 15 2008

Succubus in the eye of the beholder…

My Eternal and I visited an art gallery a few days ago and came upon a one of a series of works by an artist based in Ontario Canada. The series of images he painted is called Lilith Incarnation. Now I did not manage to take any pictures of the paintings, but I have located the artist’s website…

The gentleman’s name is Charles Moffatt and his website is: http://www.charlesmoffat.com/

Looking about the internet I have discovered that he has painted three artworks that have the word Succubus within their titles…

These works being, The Suited Succubus, Succubus Wings, and Succubus In Corset…

A small, lo-resolution image of The Suited Succubus, which he painted in  2000 is shown here:

While he has seemed to move away from painting and into video and other medium according to his site, there is a substantial number of painted works on his website. Some of the works are rather dark in tone and subject matter on occasion, but quite a lot of his works are thought provoking in their own ways…

I invite those interested to visit his site and view the collection of works he has created!


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    A really interesting picture, and I will have to explore this artist’s work some more. Thanks, Majesty!

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