Oct 12 2008

Upgrading migraines…

I love WordPress… I really do…

But discovering that the current theme I am using will probably not be working in the next major update of WordPress is a pain.

So I have found myself looking at various replacement themes for the Tale and…

Mostly begin really ticked off by a lot of them…

It’s amazing how many of them have ads in them or other things that you can’t remove or modify so that you have a clean safe blog.

It’s really getting to the point where I am really tempted to have someone design a theme for me and I’ll pay them for it.

My only caveats are that there will be no ads, no bad code, nothing but a clean theme that is what I want it to be.

And if there is someone reading this that would be interested in making such a theme, get in contact with me…

I have the basic idea to show you… I just need someone that can code it all…



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    Good luck with that, Majesty (you know I’m not the one to ask), and–most important–you and your Eternal have a Happy Thanksgiving. 😀


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