Oct 11 2008

Succubi Stock Index Week 24


The closing pricing as of Friday, October 10th…

Giving an index price of: $27.19. Down $3.27 on the week…  Two week loss of almost $7…

A herd mentality is a wonderful thing isn’t it? 

I’m probably going to have to alter the graph next week as in all honestly I expect that we’re going to drop below the $25 mark… Something that at the beginning of this seemed very unlikely…

But with the panic on the markets and the belief generally that it’s all a disaster…

We’ll be there I’m sure…



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    Amazing how bad we can make things simply because enough of us decide to believe they should be bad, isn’t it? Equally amazing how few people who could really make a difference, and who know how that works, are deciding to try believing things could be good.

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