Oct 07 2008

Another short Succubi Poem – Seduction

Another in a series of short stories and poems about Succubi by me…



By TeraS

So many ways aren’t there to a seduction?
But where does it begin?
Where are you captured?

My eyes?
The colour to enthral…
The mystery to tease…

My lips?
The shape of them…
The little tease of a smile that you see…

Perhaps it’s something else…

My scent?
Is it of sex?
Of desire?
Of lust?

What draws you in and will not release you…

My voice?
The smoothness of it…
The teasing of my words…
The promises I whisper in the night…

You want that and more don’t you…

My actions?
Am I sweet?
Am I controlling?
Am I…

Do I hold you by your leash?
Do I command you?
Is that what you need?

Is it pet?

Cum along now…
We’ll just have to see what it is won’t we?


  1. avatar

    Nice little poem, Majesty. What catches me and what ultimately enthralls me are probably different things; come find out sometime. 😉

  2. avatar

    Quite a lovely poem you got there. I really enjoyed it.

    As for the questions you ask in it, you’ll have to come and find out. I would love for you to as well~! ^.~

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