Oct 03 2008

Please let this week be over already…

Just a short little note from me today as I’m not feeling well and in all honesty I just want to get through today, get home, and crawl back into bed again…

In other news…

I can’t believe how much this B-movie is appearing on various movie sites at the moment…

Anyone remember this stinker from the 1980s?

A quick synoposis:

This minor made-for-TV effort from horror auteur Wes Craven is one of the oddest attempts at seriously blending supernatural horror and science fiction elements, which amounts to a muddled but amusing failure. The convoluted plot involves scientist Robert Urich’s experiments with a new spacesuit designed to detect non-human lifeforms for a proposed expedition to Venus. When a sultry succubus (Susan Lucci, who was born for such a role) begins exerting her demonic influence on the members of a country club — including Urich’s wife and children — he dons the completed suit for a literal journey into hell itself to rescue them. Craven’s skill manages to elevate this loopy premise slightly above the level of pure nonsense, but low production values and the constraints of TV censorship prevent it from being adequately explored. ~ Cavett Binion, All Movie Guide

Susan Lucci as a Succubus… Ew.

I’m glad I’m not feeling well otherwise I’d really be ranting at the moment over this stinker…


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    Sorry you aren’t feeling well, Majesty. I have seen the movie, and it’s a stinker, but Ms. Lucci is NOT a succubus in it (not identified as one, doesn’t look or act like one). So that’s one less worry, I hope.

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