Monthly Archive: October 2008

Oct 31 2008

Halloween Succubi Treats

I posted my 5,000th time on the Garden last night with this story. I had something else in mind for this milestone, but it’s not gone along far enough for me to start to post it. So instead I’m posting this Halloweenie tale…. <huggles for all> Tera __________________________________________________ Treats By TeraS The moon hovered over …

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Oct 30 2008

Succubi Image of the Week 45

Its Halloween week and for this week’s Succubi Image it has to be something special doesn’t it? I think it is. It’s a gorgeous image of a Succubus and the hypnotic swirl around her makes it even better… No idea of who created her, but as always I’d love to know! Now tomorrow is Halloween …

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Oct 29 2008

Succubus Heat Cover

I came across the artwork for Richelle Mead’s 4th novel in the Georgina Kincaid book series… It’s called Succubus Heat And I have to be honest about something. After the events in the third book, which I will not spoil here… I’m not sure I want to read the next book in the series… Georgina …

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Oct 28 2008

Can’t you see the difference?

This is becoming a pet peeve for me so bare with me for a little bit will you? What is a vampire? In short an undead creature that goes around sucking the blood from people. What is a Succubus or an Incubus? A demon-like being that seduces men and women into having sex with it. …

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Oct 27 2008

Code Name Succubi

Last year, Legion posted in the RP section of the MC Garden an idea about a Spy V Spy RP… And he made a little mission blurb about a spy named Terri…. Code Name Succubi…. Sooooooooooooo…… This is the result… __________________________________________ Code Name Succubi By TeraS He was sitting in the club looking for an …

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Oct 26 2008

Writing a Succubi Story…

I’ve gotten inspired this past week. And in so doing, I have found myself writing a Succubi story… It’s going to have the title: Just Passing Though So far I’ve finished 4 chapters and I’m managing one chapter a day at the moment, which for me is a pretty good pace… It has I admit …

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Oct 25 2008

Succubi Stock Index Week 25

The closing pricing as of Friday, October 24th… Giving an index price of: $26.98. Down $1.37 on the week…  Familiar isn’t it? Well it wasn’t the bottom last week was it? Just a smidge lower than two weeks ago… So. The panic continues. The value plummets. And overall everyone is taking a giant bath… I was …

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