Sep 29 2008

Questions about Roxy…

I came across an interesting blog post yesterday…

You can read it here.

There are quite a few questions that are asked and pondered with the post…

The one that really makes me stop and think is this one:

If they have/had a relationship at some point of some sort, I think it would be even more one-sided. We don’t know the Middleworld’s take on how exactly being a reformed succubus affects Roxy, but even if she’s capable of being monogamous, she doesn’t seem like she’d be interested in it. She’s comfortable being the person in charge, running the show, and I don’t think it’d be easy for her to release some of that control to another person. If she has hooked up with MM, she probably wouldn’t let it go beyond that. He would challenge her too much. It seems like no strings would be her M.O.

They in that quote being The Middleman and Roxy Wasserman…

MM and Roxy having a past together… It’s not hard to see… What I would wonder is… Did MM make her reform? Did Roxy reform for him out of some sense of… What? Love? Mutual trust? She decided that the game was getting too dangerous?

What is the reason for her to give up what she was, and get others to change as well?

If Roxy is as strong-willed as she would have to be as a Succubus, then she’d have to be given a really good reason to change.

So then the question is… Did she run into MM on one of his missions? Did he save her and in return she had to grant MM a favor? Maybe that was to give up her “normal” life and make a difference on MM’s side? It would have to be something really powerful in order for Roxy to change so dramatically from what she was…

I would almost think that in the MM universe, Roxy was a Queen or other highly placed Succubus, because if she wasn’t, she wouldn’t have so many other Succubi and Incubi following her in the new life she is creating…

Perhaps Roxy found something she didn’t expect in MM… Understanding and trust. Something that for a being like her would be just about impossible to find…

And MM strikes me as the sort of person that would invest the time and energy to have that…

Oh… And Roxy still needs a pair of little black horns!!!


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    Well, you know better than most that respect and trust make all the difference in the world, Majesty. But you also know that love shows up in more forms than those typically portrayed on TV. I think love is there between MM and Roxy, but I suspect that, if she wants it to be a different kind of love, our hero may be too myopic about his job to catch that.

    Enjoy your devilish day!

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