Succubi Stock Index Week 22



The closing pricing as of Friday, September 26th…

Giving an index price of: $34.14. Down $1.32 on the week… 

Welcome to overall suckyness in the markets…

Still in overall positive territory from the beginning of this experiment. So there is still money in the bank as it were…

 What does the future hold? Well… I have this nasty feeling that if the markets don’t find their footing in the next week that all heck is going to break loose very very soon.

Without some real direction and leadership from the US Government, there will be not a drop of belief in the markets and that will spell the R word.

Doomish outlook?

Yes it is. In all honesty what else is there at the moment? When beliefs are shattered as they have been with the crisis in the US economy at the moment, no one will be bullish in this market. The bears are going to have control for months in the future from here on out.

You can’t take a chance when you haven’t the backing to do it.

Be prepared for the next level of the economy to falter in the coming weeks…



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    • James on September 27, 2008 at 3:25 pm

    Not exactly joyful, but not exactly news . . .

    And we’re dependent upon the US Government? I would like to think the crisis is clear enough to those folks that they would act in very short order, but somehow I don’t.

    Isn’t there some provision for succubi to take over the world in times of dire trouble? 😉

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