Sep 23 2008

Succubus Encyclopedia Entry

This is something that a member of the Garden of MC discovered and posted in a thread there…

It is a encyclopedia entry on Succubi…

I’m posting this today so the perhaps someone will be able to point me at the website it is from.

Again… Any help would be wonderful!



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    No ideas on where it’s from . . . yet. But I’ll keep my eyes peeled, for what they are worth, Majesty.

    Glad you’re feeling amused today!! 😀

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    It’s from the same website you pulled the werewolf picture from – I sent you the link last time. It’s http://www.akeiarkay.com/myeh/monster.html

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    I think it is as well except for one thing… When I tried that site in order to confirm the image was from it…
    It wasn’t there!
    I thought that perhaps it was a modified page that was posted elsewhere and wanted to be sure it is what we think it is before doing something with it…



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