Sep 20 2008

Succubi Stock Index Week 21


The closing pricing as of Friday, September 19th…

Giving an index price of: $35.46. Up 53 cents on the week…

Aren’t you surprised? After the past week of trouble and screaming of recession… I honestly expected it to be down five or six dollars at this point… But it’s not in spite of Apple Computer taking a serious drop in its value. Playboy, Limited Company, Johnson & Johnson, Home Depot are up a smidge… But you’ll notice that Revlon is now at $14.11 from being at $1.30 last week. Why? They did a 10 for 1 reverse split. That means that you need 10 old shares to get ONE new share of their stock. And that of course messes up the index pricing rather dramatically…

So, if you take out the change in valuation in the Revlon stock, the index will in fact be at $34.39 which is a drop of 54 cents on the week. Almost exactly the reverse of what the current prices show.

So the true chart is:

In other words, continuing to be sucky…



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