Sep 17 2008


Another one of my short flashes about Succubi…


By TeraS

The book waited.
You found it.
The book spoke.

You listened.
The book promised.
You believed.

You found the tools.
You prepared them.
You made yourself ready.

The lines drawn.
The candles lit.
The space just so.

Your eyes read the words.
Your lips spoke the words.
Your body gave the words power.

I appeared.

Sex Incarnate.

I spoke to you.

My words in your mind.
My body in your sight.
My scent in your senses.

You froze.

Your will lost.
Your mind empty.
Your body in need.

I smiled.

You called me.
I am here.
Break the lines.

And cum with me…

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  1. avatar

    Of course I will. 🙂

    Lovely wrfiting, Majesty.

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