Sep 15 2008


Another in my short tales about Succubi…


By TeraS

I lay beside you in the dark. Watching you sleep. Watching you dream.

Just. Watching.

You chest rises and falls as I reach my hand out to rest against your chest. My long red nails brushing over your skin just slightly. Not enough to awaken you… No. Not that much.

That would just ruin your dreams…

I smile as they come into focus for me. Imagination is a wonderful thing isn’t it? Especially when it cums to sex dreams…

My tail swisches slightly as I take hold of what is haunting you in them… My body will change… My voice… My looks… My hair… All of me will transform into that dreamgirl that you have in your mind and soul…

That’s two of the three…

I will awaken you and then begin to take body as well. Will I ride you wildly? Will I tower over you and make you submit? What will happen when your dreamgirl is real and demands that you cum to play?

I consider my new looks for a moment and pause.

I haven’t changed.
I’m still me…

I look at you still asleep and smile…
I’ll let you keep the third after…

For right now it’s time to awaken you and make your dreams cum true… I trace a finger against your cheek and then as you stir beneath my touch, I press my red lips against yours. My cherry scent fills your senses and I watch as a long gasp of your breath escapes you…

Your eyes glaze over just slightly as I whisper thoughts and ideas into your mind to obey…

Forever after…


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    Of course I’ll obey. 😉

    Lovely writing, Majesty.

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    Mr. Anonomus

    Hey, I see that you write well, my dear. I am a former video gamer who needs some love… Come to my bed and we’ll make love all night… Great work!!!!

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    Thank you for the compliment and visiting my dear…


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