Sep 13 2008

Succubi Stock Index Week 20

The closing pricing as of Friday, September 12th…




Giving an index price of: $34.93. Down again this week… 38 cents… Not that awful but we are in a decline…

So it’s still a bad situation for everyone at the moment. Worldwide the consumer markets appear to be going into a tailspin because of all of the fears of a recession on the horizon… Not to mention the effects of the hurricanes that have been hitting the US and Caribbean recently… Will the decline continue? I think it will. The signs are all there of course… In brighter news, some of the stocks in the index will be issuing their dividends this month which would add to the index’s value slightly… Rough calculation on that comes to a 5% income on the index. Which isn’t that bad…

It’s better than what you’d get in the bank at least just on the dividends… And if you did hold the index from the beginning and just ride on the ups and downs you still would be in positive territory with your investments…



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    I thought the divends on investing with a Succubi were a lot bigger than that .. . 😉

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