Tell Me.

This is another one of my short flashes about Succubi…

Tell Me.
By TeraS

Tell me.

You thoughts.
Your dreams.
Your wishes.
Your desires.

Tell me.

Do you want them?
Do you need them?
Do you have them?

It can be.
It can.

Tell me.

Is this what she looks like?
Speaks like?
Screams like?

Tell me.

Is this exactly what you want?
Are you satisfied?

Tell me.

From the moment you did.
From the moment you told.
From the moment you asked.

You were mine.

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    • James on September 8, 2008 at 8:09 pm

    Didn’t have to tell you;
    you already knew.

    Didn’t have to show you;
    you already saw.

    Didn’t have to give you;
    you already had.

    But I give you what’s in my soul.

    But I show you what’s in my mind.

    But I tell you what’s in my heart.

    Because you let me.
    Because I want to.

    (P.S.–glad you had an amusing day, Majesty)

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