SuccuWiki update…

I haven’t really done an update for the SuccuWiki in a bit so I thought I would rattle off a few bits of information about it today…

The next article in the SuccuWiki, which will be posted tomorrow, will be the 333rd article in it. I’m trying to average one entry a day so that something new gets to it at a regular pace…

The stats on the Wiki of the Succubi are rather gratifying really…

There have been a total of 87,470 page views, and 2,325 page edits since SuccuWiki was setup. That comes to 2.73 average edits per page, and 37.62 views per edit.

And the top 10 pages viewed on the SuccuWiki are:

*  Main Page (12,071)
* Succubus (disambiguation) (2,746)
* Succubi (Collective) (1,988)
* Succubus (Mabinogi) (1,287)
* Succubus (WoW) (1,229)
* Satana (Comic Book Character) (990)
* Succubus (954)
* Kitsune (863)
* Incubi (761)
* Succubi (742)

Today’s entry was on the Reaper Miniature called Virina, Female Demon. She looks very much like a World of Warcraft Succubus really when you consider her…

This is a concept drawing of her by Tim “Talin” Collier.

Just looking at her hooves and tail, I think she was the basis of the WoW Succubus… Maybe not totally, but she certainly resembles the WoW one…


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    • James on September 5, 2008 at 5:26 pm

    She does l bit like the WoW succubi, Majesty, though I wonder about what almost looks like a feathered tail.

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