Sep 02 2008

The End of the Beginning of The Middleman?

Last night was the season finale of The Middleman on ABC Family and I wanted to write a little commentary on the show in general for the record…

It’s a shame to me that they weren’t able to go for 13 episodes in this, the first season… I understand that it was a mutual agreement between the show and the TV channel but still… There was so much character development that would have been nice to see in that missing episode….

The last episode taking Wendy into a parallel universe was really very interesting, but if left a few questions unanswered by the end of the show…

Two of which that come to mind are… One… Is Wendy seeing The Middleman as a father figure now? I wonder because of the last scene we see of her painting… And it’s an image of The Middleman…

And the other is… The head of Big Boy Industries in the “real” world… Is he in fact evil since his parallel self wasn’t?

There was a ton of Back to the Future, Buckaroo Banzai and other time travel / dimension shifting references in the show which made it so much fun to listen to…

For the whole series, I have to give it 4.9 pitchforks for writing, acting, fun and overall must watch TV level… Not to forget that they had a Succubus in the form of Roxy appearing in the show twice! <Woooo!>

I really hope that we get to see Season Two next summer or sooner…

Because this is a series that really deserves it…

My best wishes to everyone in the MiddleMan family!


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    Yeah, it was great fun to watch MM. I didn’t like a lot of last night’s episode as much as most–this style of comedic satire was not so suited to the dark version of the MM universe. But there was some interesting dramatic development in the end, and some nice dramatic setup for the second season we all hope to see.

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