Small preview of Succubus Dreams is Available!

Richelle Mead has kindly posted an excerpt of her next novel Succubus Dreams on her website…

The link to the excerpt is here.

As always her writing is wonderful and I really look forwards to seeing the new book in print soon!

And just as a little taste of Richelle’s writing this exchange from her excerpt reminds me so much of some of the RPs I have been involved with on the Collective…

Hugh shook his head, suddenly becoming my-friend-the-imp as opposed to the all-business imp.  I could tell from his expression that I wouldn’t like what he had to say next.  “There’s something else you need to know.  For the next year or so, you have to be her…uh, mentor.”

“Mentor,” I repeated flatly.

He nodded, looking sympathetic.  Jerome watched our exchange with amusement.

“What, um, does that mean for me exactly?”

Hugh set his briefcase on a coffee table and pulled out what looked like the kind of copied and bound manual Kinko’s would run off.  He tossed it to me.  I caught it and nearly keeled over.  The thing had about 800 pages.

Mentor’s Official and Complete Procedural Handbook on Initial Succubus Intake and Probationary Period (Abridged).

“Abridged?”  I spun toward Jerome.  “Tell me you’re getting back at me for the time I accused you of wearing Old Spice.”

“That one’s still coming,” said the demon.  “This one’s for real.”

As yes… Paperwork…

I’ve been through messes like that… The bureaucracy from the underworld can be hell…


Actually they can be a lot of fun… You just have to know all of the fine print!



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    • James on August 29, 2008 at 11:43 am

    Interesting excerpt, Majesty! This book should be a very interesting read. As for fine print and bureaucracy, read “The Screwtape Letters” for a very interesting take on such things in Hell. I suspect it is one thing the humans have emulated best. 🙂

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