Aug 26 2008

Once again a Political Hack writer…

Makes a mess of things…

A Salon.com article once again mixes up the idea of a Succubus with a witch…

And I quote from the article:

But irrelevant is not how the protesters will be portrayed by a media that has been salivating over the possible disruption of the Democratic convention — by angry, broom-riding succubi! — for weeks.

Ummmm… You really have no clue do you about the Succubus myth right?

Mixing metaphors and politics is never a good idea…

<goes off to pitchfork a writer for an hour or two>

It can’t be that difficult to get your myths and legends straight can it?


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    This writer–who, by the way, not only insulted succubi, but women, Democrats (neither group has any self-control or self-awareness, apparently) , and the media (which would I presume, include the writer)–is not worthy of your energies to pitchfork him or her, Majesty. Simply lock the miscreant in a room and force him/her to watch Shatner’s “Incubus” over and over and over . . .

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