I mean really now…

And here I thought that Ghost Hunters in the US was a bad idea…

So there is a series from New Zealand TV called Ghost Hunt. It’s the typical “go out and make up something to get us ratings” thing that happens from time to time…

There is a little blurb/review here.

Now you know that there has to be something to grab people’s attention to at least one episode right?

Well they have this:

Our three paranormal investigators, Carolyn Taylor, Michael Hallows and Brad Hills, armed with a plethora of ghost-detection gear, descend into the darkest places in the dead of night in search of supernatural activity.

Watch as our team have relations with succubi, get zapped by unseen forces in abandoned psychiatric hospitals, and relive the tragic dreams in NZ’s answer to the Taj Mahal.

Ummm…. Ya.

Relations with Succubi? Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeallly?

Considering the three hosts…

And if you want to see them look at the linky above…

I can’t see how any self respecting Succubus would have anything to do with this show… And really I expect that they are getting vampires and Succubi confused as usually happens…


I suppose that as a ratings device having a Succubus… Play with the hosts would get some points…

It’s on this Thursday in New Zealand… If anyone catches the show and a Succubus appears on it, could you let me know about it?

Thank you!



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    • James on August 18, 2008 at 10:55 am

    They aren’t confusing vampires and succubi; they are more likely confusing ground moss and succubi.

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    • FZY1 on August 19, 2008 at 12:43 am

    They couldn’t tell the difference between an EMP or an EVP. I know that some people do not like T.A.P.S.. but they are the first real people who tried to show a realistic effort. To prove or disprove ghosts exists. They are not perfect.

    I talk with people on Paranormal radio, and HVRN. They all have disagreements with their practices. but the are glad to see that it has come out shadows and get the respect it deserves.

    Just think back in the Thirties there was just one real Para-psychologist. J.B.Rhine he was not liked either. He was one of the first to put together the hypothesis that poltergiest were caused by the psychic energy of distraught teenagers. Nobody truly believed it then and they still have issues with it now.

    Just a lil passionate about this subject. Wannabe ghost hunter. ;P

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