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There is a podcast about The Middleman called the Middlecast, and their homepage is:


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http://www.talkshoe.com Middlecast

This past week they had on the show Javi Grillo-Marxuach who was kind enough to answer questions about the show… And to my surprise he was asked a question that I posted asking if Roxy was ever going to have a pair of horns or not…

Well, in short she and the other Succubi in the series aren’t going to have them… His first answer to the question was one that the Succubi in The Middleman aren’t “cannon”, which means that they don’t have horns… The second answer was one of budget restraints which I can understand completely as well…

But I had a thought…

They are doing a “mirror” universe episode as the final one in this season. Which brings up a thought if they are having Roxy appear in it. And that is…

Is she an Angel or just not reformed anymore?

It was also a bit surprising to hear that he was aware of my Blog and my feelings about Roxy though…

Nonetheless I would like to thank him for answering the question!

Hoping that another season appears for you!



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    • James on August 15, 2008 at 10:44 am

    Well, non-canon succubi sounds a bit like a broken chameleon circuit: a writers’ answer for “the producers won’t give us enough money to do what we envisioned.” Enjoy your Friday, Majesty.

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