Aug 13 2008

If you can’t have what you want…

So I want an iPhone.

I really really do…

However as much as I do want one I’m not going to get one.


It’s not because of anything that Apple has done. I love Apple and with the exception of one computer at the office I am an Apple girl…

No… The reason why I’m not getting one is because of Rogers Communications in Canada.

It will cost me roughly $150.00 per month in connect charges and so forth in order to have one…

So therefore I’m going to get an iPod touch.

But it’s going to be a  lil bit different…

I have ordered one through a airlines miles promotion that will suck 25,000 points from the account… Which is a really good deal as it’s usually about 45,000 points…

Then I have discovered a place that sells skins and covers for the touches to make them different colours than the white or black that you normally get…

And what colour is it going to be?


Lots and lots of red.

Just one problem…

Which one is it going to be?


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    Choosing for you, Majesty, I would narrow it down to three (not because of their names): the Apocalypse Red, the Red Groupie (which would be perfect if the image had horns and a tail), or the Solid State Red (straightforward elegance, just about a perfect statement for you).

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